At Fr​ühling, we source the best quality ingredients from around the world, unearthing fruit and nuts grown in very limited quantities. Many of the ingredients used are sought after by Michelin-star chefs and serve as cultural touchstones of their native soils. 


Nuts are nature's luxury foods: they are highly perishable, take a long time to mature, and are rich in flavor, and nutrient density. Our small batch, artisanal approach not only ensures freshness, but maintains nutrient density and respects the earth's natural cycles of production. Our products are almost entirely organic, made from ingredients that have never been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and have never been genetically modified. The result is a unique melange of flavors with a subtle, natural sweetness. 


In determining the quantity of each ingredient in your 2 oz bag of Frühling, we've considered the recommended daily serving size for optimal intake of minerals and vitamins. No sugar has been added—it's just the highest quality nuts and fruits, and nothing else.

Bronte Pistachios

Pizzuta Almonds

Livermore Walnuts

White Mulberries

Golden Berries

Roasted Cacao

Brazil Nuts