Our signature trail mix is made from the highest quality raw, organic nuts and dried fruits—ingredients grown from the earth's most fertile soils, and prized by Michelin star chefs. The amount of each ingredient is tailored to reflect the recommended daily nutrition values for each vitamin, mineral, and nutrient. The result is a generous serving of the healthiest foods our planet has to offer—with no added sugar, additives or preservatives. 


Each 2 oz. pouch contains:

Pizzuta Almonds (Sicily)

Bronte Pistachios (Sicily)

Livermore Walnuts (California)

Golden Berries (Peru)

White Mulberries (Iran)

Roasted Cacao (Belize)

Brazil Nuts (Brazil)

Our Story

In 2015, I was a burnt out working artist--and jumped at an opportunity to leave NYC for Paris and Berlin.


Recovering from a period of burn out and stress-induced psoriasis, I was working remotely from European cafes as a video editor for a NY-based wellness media company. Editing videos about nutrition, hormones, and other related topics, I was learning how to heal my skin with food. Meanwhile, I craved a luxurious treat, like a pastry, that I could eat daily with my coffee, but that would also support my goal of a new healthy lifestyle. 

Inspired by the finest European pastries made with exceptionally high quality nuts, I started collecting and combining ingredients and experimenting with different flavor combinations. I tried some pistachios that were grown at the base of the volcano Mount Etna in Sicily, and was blown away. The Bronte pistachios set the bar for the quality of the mix. The search for the most delicious superfoods on the planet sustained me—both creatively and nutritionally. As I was collecting these unique ingredients, and building relationships with passionate farmers, one day I looked around my kitchen and felt pure joy. I was having fun, eating what I made every day, and feeling great. My skin was healing, and after testing many formulations, I finalized the recipe, and began sharing it with friends. Seeing the joy on their faces inspired me to share what I had made more broadly, and the idea for Frühling was born.

Frühling means “springtime” in German, and it is the first trail mix made from ingredients normally only used by the highest level chefs and pâtissiers. It is a snack that aligns with many different nutritional approaches: it is anti-inflammatory, almost entirely raw (the only roasted ingredient is the cacao, because it tastes better that way) and all of our farms are organic. There are no added sugars, additives or preservatives. It’s just the best quality ingredients—nothing more.

These ingredients are a revelation to me, and I’m excited to be able to share them with you. I hope you love them as much as I do!

To good health and a life well lived,

Mabel Nash Greenberg,


Frühling [noun] / ˈ froo  ling / German: Springtime. 

The season of the year between winter and summer when plants begin to flower or grow leaves.

Frühling makes healthy snack foods using

the highest quality superfood ingredients.